Claire Reid has been travelling in the UK, Australia, Borneo, Japan, Peru, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, America, and Europe has given unique opportunities for working with renowned tattoo artists and painters of all different styles and mediums since 2005.

With a passion for organic shapes and love of colour, Claire’s work explores people and life experiences – individual’s interpretations of their loves, lives, fantasies and passions, creating new and unexpected themes.

In her work Claire celebrates the power of fusion art influenced by the experiences of working and living with contemporary tattoo artists around the world. These interactions are created daily by the commissioned body art which depicts Claire is the founder and organiser of the acclaimed Rites of Passage tattoo convention. A dream to connect people with the ancient practice of tattooing and scarification used across indigenous cultures world wide, with profits being utilised to replant Australian old growth rainforest.

While regularly being invited to guest at studios and conventions internationally, Claire continues her goal to connect people through tattooing and art to the planet and a higher understanding of life.